Miami Beach: My Favorite Travel Escapade in 2011


I have been visiting so many places last year and one of my favorite destinations is definitely the famous, which is Miami Beach, Florida. It is the place where you can relax your mind and let you feel the most soul-soothing moment near the shore.

Last November, I went to Miami Beach for a 3-day holiday trip with my friends. I knew that it would be a very exciting trip, so I decided to bring along my analogue cameras. Just as we reached Miami, I realized that all my cameras are not waterproof. So, I went to Walmart to purchase a cheap waterproof camera, preloaded with 35mm film.

Even though the camera only had 27 exposures instead of 36, I managed to capture some good pictures and I like it so much. I asked my friends to dive underwater as I really wanted to shoot my first underwater picture. Although the weather was quite cloudy during that week, I believe that the 200-iso film is enough to get the correct exposure.

Miami Beach is also very clean and has smooth, white sand. It is not that hard to find good places to eat as there are a few nice restaurants near Miami Beach. Besides the beautiful beach, Miami also has more to offer. There are plenty of attractions nearby and a lot of gift shops too.

For anyone that would love to have a peaceful place to relax your mind, I can say that Miami Beach is the best destination you would ever have.

written by isyraf on 2012-01-25 #places #location #escape-from-the-city

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