Kodak Portra 400VC 35mm: A Great Film Choice


Kodak Portra 400VC is a great choice for a film for almost any conditions and camera, that will give you bright colours like those you may be used to with slide film. It’s a brilliant color negative film choice!

I must admit I really do seem to favour slide film when I load a new film into one of my cameras. But when I go for some color negative film, the one I always reach for is the Kodak Portra 400 VC, and I don’t think you can match it for the results it gives.

Credits: rosebud82

It’s a professional film, with a fine grain and gives vibrant colours and higher contrast, even in overcast conditions. This means it is the perfect film, with the combination of the UK sun and the Lomography Sprocket Rocket. When the sun is shining any film is great with the Sprocket Rocket, but when you are on holiday in Cornwall in October, the higher ISO of the Portra 400VC helped it out that little bit.

Credits: rosebud82

I love this film, it copes well in most conditions, and gives you those bright, although more realistic colours you get from slide film and I have never been disappointed with any of the results I have gotten when I have used this film in a range of cameras.

Credits: rosebud82

The only down side to this film is that Kodak have discontinued this specific film and have combined the benefits of this 400 Vivid Colour film and the 400 Natural Colour film to produce the combined 400 Portra. I hope this new film is just as good and I’m sure I will try it once my stock of the 400VC is used up!

The Kodak Portra 400 VC 35mm is a true professional`s choice. This portrait film yields great contrast and slamming colours, giving your shots a subtle x-pro look (without the x-pro)! See the whole range of colour negatives in our Shop.

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  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    The new film is, if anything, even better. Kodak Portra may well be the best negative colour film currently on the market.

  2. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    I really like the NC too, so I'm very excited about trying the new one too - its next on my list of films to buy

  3. droogieboy
    droogieboy ·

    let's just hope we can still get ANY film from Kodak after they recently filed for bankruptcy. I tried buying the newer Kodak Porta 400 35mm on Ebay ,but it's scarce and expensive

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