New Magazine Series: Reviews on Rewind

The Magazine houses some of the most interesting review articles on the hottest analogue goodies out there, such as rare films and iconic cameras. But, deciding that the best reviews should be put on the spotlight, we’re introducing yet another new series for the Reviews section!

Credits: katinkaja

We’re proud to host some of the most detailed and insightful review articles on various analogue goodies here on the Magazine. And, since we believe that the best ones should be given a little more credit, we decided to introduce another new series for the Reviews section: Reviews on Rewind!

What can you expect to find in this series? Well, since there are already countless reviews on popular films, cameras, and and accessories, Reviews on Rewind will serve as a repository of must-read reviews that were previously published in the Magazine. There will be one camera or film per month, and one installment per week mentioning least 5 existing review articles.

The first installment is coming out very soon, so we’re giving you a hint: we’ll begin with film recommendations for one of Lomography’s iconic analogue beauties!

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