Micro-Macro: Stop Motion Food

Pictures of the stars in our galaxy are always intriguing. So are microscopic images of cells that make our body function. Though, would you ever have thought they could be appetizing? We came across a stop motion short of food items fashioned in the shape of lungs, atoms and the Milky Way and wanted to share this educational, out of this world, find!

From ‘strings’ to ‘the universe or multiverses’, this video, that’s reminiscent of the educational clay, food or other -mations on Sesame Street, is an inspiration to all stop motion filmographers! This top ten list introduces our universe, from the inside out, and is the creation of Isaiah Saxon, of Open Source Ecology, for Encyclopedia Pictura.

We love how, in place of actors’ credits, there’s instead an “ingredients” credit list. Hats off to the Chard that played the perfect, eerily convincing, set of lungs.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend visiting Encyclopedia Pictura for other exciting shorts and their behind the scenes which will likely inspire you to create your own foodmations!

written by soundfoodaround on 2012-01-16 #videos #food #lifestyle #stop-motion #anatomy #encyclopedia #top-ten #universe

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