Here It Is: The Madrid LomoMatrix!


Good things in life take their time! That’s true, the LomoMatrix of Madrid took it time but it was worth it. Do you want to watch it? keep on reading and enjoy!

All participants of LomoMatrix of Madrid remember the morning of the sunday October 23rd perfectly, we had such a great time!

Credits: lomographyargensola

But we’ve been waiting for days, weeks, and months for this moment. So it won’t take longer, play it and enjoy the final result of this wonderful LomoMatrix from Madrid!

Thanks to all lomographers, you rock! And you jump so well! Also thanks to Patricia Arriaza for the wonderful editing job. Our LomoMatrix is amaaaazing!

Ole Spanish Lomographers! Ole!

2012-02-02 #news #videos #video #movie #matrix #madrid #effect #pelicula #analogico #argensola #video #lomomatrix
translated by lomographyembassyspain


  1. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Looks like you all had fun! Ole to Lomomatrix Madrid participants!

  2. trashpilotin
    trashpilotin ·

    oh no, it isn't viewable in germany :(

  3. 43puestasdesol
    43puestasdesol ·

    This is great! I would have loved to be there!

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