Sculptured He(art)s


Hospitals are not fun places to be in and they know it. That’s why some hospitals such as the National University Hospital Singapore (NUHS) are embracing the arts as a tool in the healing process.

Located at the entrance of NUHS’ new Heart Centre, you cannot miss the huge blocks of stone sculptures. Donated by Tan Swie Hian, a popular local artist, these sculptures reflect the holistic approach that the hospital is taking in the treatment of patients and their emotional well being.

There are seats located around the art installation, giving patients and visitors a welcome break while waiting for their medical appointments.

Credits: uncle_jay

Also being located along the path to the train station, this is one of the most visible artworks in the hospital.

While this holistic approach to healing remains debatable among the medical fraternity, what really matters is that medical institutions are showing that they are keeping an open mind when it comes to healing their patients – physically and emotionally.

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