My 2012 Analogue Bucket List: Technical Photography


In 2012, other than carry on taking photos, I think I would like to become a better technical photographer. As much as I love a point-and-shoot, there are still far too many blurry shots where I have failed to set my distance. I think if I could get to grips with some more complex cameras, then my focusing on the others would be a lot better. These are my camera aims for 2012.

Photo via Camera Page

1. Learn to use my Cosmic Symbol camera.

I got this camera as a gift off a friend a few months ago and to say it has so far gone to waste would be an understatement. I want to get a roll loaded into this asap and learn how to use it. I think I have been slightly put off by the complex instructions I found online and the fact that the camera itself is quite old and foreign. However, I shall not let this baby go to waste and learn to use it properly in 2012.

Photo via PBase

2. Get re-acquainted with my Zenit-E.

For reasons I am none too sure of (possibly the sheer weight of it!), I stopped using my Zenit last summer and it hasn’t really seen the light of day since. I did have some difficulties getting the light right, as the ‘A’ and ‘M’ switches underneath the camera seemed to work against me but the results I got from it I was always pleased with – some examples can be seen below. Got to love that bokeh.

Credits: kneehigh85
Photo via Parade Square

3. Buy and learn to use a Canon AE-1.

To say I am rubbish with an SLR is an understatement. I ask a million questions, don’t really understand the answer and then jump back to my Diana Mini. And not that there is anything wrong with my Diana Mini but I want to master an SLR in 2012. I have been looking through Lomo and Flickr and I have decided I like the shots from a Canon AE-1. Plus I can vaguely use a Canon DSLR so it can’t be too different, can it???

Photo via Wikipedia

4. Buy and learn to use an Olympus Trip 35.

This is pretty similar to the above really. I like the way shots from the Trip 35 come out, so I would like to get one and start using it asap. I would also like to get a really cool looking one that has been refurbished (in tradition with making people puke at the sight of my garish camera collection, I am currently watching a snakeskin one!).

5. Get a Fed 5 and have lessons in using it from Tony G.

Tony LOVES Feds more than I love shoes. And he loves them so much that when he talks about them it is infectious. I had a go at using his Fed 5 last September and although not a patch on his own photos, I enjoyed my little lesson, and I like how the photo came out. Plus the camera looks ace, and has amazing capabilities.

Let’s make 2012 a year full of creativity and analogue love! If you liked this article, go ahead and check the rest of analogue bucket lists for 2012 submitted by the community! Of course, you can also submit your own inspiring analogue bucket list for 2012 and get more piggies!

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  1. george97
    george97 ·

    Check out my Zenit EM shots on my Home :D

  2. stratski
    stratski ·

    The Olympus Trip is great! It's one of my favorite camera's. And you can buy garish skins separately (for inslance here:

  3. veato
    veato ·

    I refurbed my Trip (…) and I love it! If you want to know where to get light seals and cheap skins from send me a PM.

  4. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Excellent goals :D

  5. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    Great article! I too am planning on buying a Fed 5c (w/ lightmeter). I'd suggest the Canon A-1 over the AE-1 because the A-1 has a better meter for low light and is all electronic (no mechanical failures).

  6. louwest
    louwest ·

    Get using the symbol!!!

  7. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    I am taking her for a walk tomorrow, and just won a pretty Trip on ebay - @louwest.
    Got your email re Sunday - well up for that. Let me know when and where x

  8. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    I know it's been a long time, but I am curious how your film world is now this what 2 years later? Did you reach all your goals mentioned in the article, @kneehigh85 ? :D

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