My Most Memorable Travel Escapade of 2011: Cabo, Mexico


After graduating from NYU in May, it sure felt good to get out of the city and onto the beach in Cabo, Mexico for a week-long summer vacation. Visiting Mexico for the first time was definitely my most memorable escapade of 2011.

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The arch at Land’s End
On August 20th, 2011 I flew out of Newark Airport with my girlfriend and her family to spend a week in Cabo, Mexico for our summer vacation. For those of you who don’t know – I didn’t, prior to going – it’s located in Baja California, west of mainland Mexico. We stayed at a beautiful house that her father’s friend owned in Cabo Real Villa Bugambilias. At the back of the house there was an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, and a beautiful view overlooking a golf course and some mountains in the distance. It didn’t get old watching the sunset behind the mountains every night that week.

Credits: jeffr

It was my first time in Mexico and I wasn’t sure what it had in store for me – all I knew upon arriving was that the house itself was so beautiful, we could have spent the whole vacation inside. But of course on the contrary, we were out and about with plenty of sights to see, things to do, and food to eat. The first morning, we got up early to go hiking up a small mountain nearby – I say small but it was quite a work out. But it was worth the trek for the beautiful view of the houses, the golf course, and the Sea of Cortez (the sea between Baja California and mainland Mexico).

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Our second day, we went dune buggying at Baja Buggys! I was nervous to go at first but it’s a must do if you get the chance. Driving one of those things is crazy fun and the tour is fantastic. They fit everyone, two per dune buggy and led us alongside the beach, through some desert terrain, up the mountains, and we even stopped off at an ancient village called La Candelaria. We ended the tour by speeding off a jump – I let my girlfriend drive. :)

Photo cred: Baja Buggys

During the week, we decided to go fishing out on the water. We woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the beach where we were taken out to sea by fishermen on a 30-foot boat. Unfortunately I got terribly sea sick on the ride, but once the boat stopped moving and we started fishing, I felt better enough to reel in a fish. When we got back to shore, the fishermen took our loot to cut up and prepare – we caught four fish!

Credits: jeffr

They even cut up some pieces and fed them to the pelicans!

Credits: jeffr

While in Cabo, we hit up a handful of beaches or should I say “playas” (in Spanish), such as Playa Santa Maria.

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My favorite was taking a glass bottom boat down to Land’s End where we saw the naturally formed arch as seen at the top. Land’s End is at the southern most tip of Baja California and is where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The side touching the Sea of Cortez is known as “Lover’s Beach” whereas the side touching the Pacific Ocean is called “Divorce Beach” due to the nature of the water’s calmness and roughness, respectively. Below are a couple photos of Divorce Beach – in the first you can see a tiny glass bottom boat, like the one we took.

Credits: jeffr

Cabo was such a breath of fresh air and a much needed escape from New York City. The weather was perfect for being on the beach and the food was excellent. One of the greatest things about my trip though was how much my love for analogue photography grew. And it’s only been growing more since!

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    Great article, but really fantastic photos!

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    thanks so much @poochfan !

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    I think I'd like to go there someday!
    Great work

  4. jeffr
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    @aanum thanks!! if you go, i'd say the dune buggys is a must! :)

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    Great article :) It looks lush!

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    Fantastic trip!

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    @lamp @neanderthalis thank you! it really was a great time!

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