David Mach's Matchstick Sculptures


Who would have thought that matchsticks and art would match? See what I did there? And you should see what Scottish artist David Mach did with these match sticks. He makes insane sculptures out of them. Check it out after the break.

Photo via Juxtapoz

David Mach’s style of found art is truly tremendous. One of his current projects is composed of arranging colored match sticks to form stunning sculptures full of detail. He first creates a mold then sticks each match stick one at a time. The tedious and time consuming process result in vibrantly colored, flammable faces of animals and people including Elvis Presley, Che Guevarra, Charlie Chaplin, and Marilyn Monroe.

Photos via Juxtapoz

One time, he accidentally set fire to one of his match stick creations and it has been reported that he now often sets his other pieces on fire during his shows as performance art. And these are considered his smaller pieces, he has also created huge sculptures using wire hangers and some permanent public pieces made out of bricks. More of David Mach’s work can be found on his website.

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  1. elixirix
    elixirix ·

    it really should be mentioned here that photography is essential to a lot of Mach's work, just as it is for other sculptors such as Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long and Robert Smithson. The work they make is ephemeral by nature, so photography is the only way we can experience them. Check out Mach's Temple at Tyre, or Smithson's Spiral Jetty for a couple of classic examples.

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