Shake-Free with the Cable Release

For perfectly still nighttime/long exposures and self-portraits, you gotta get yourself a Cable Release!

When you need to keep things steady during nighttime/long-exposure photography, or maybe take effortless self-portraits, you need to have a Cable Release hooked up in your camera. It allows you to take pictures in complete stillness, which is crucial in nighttime/long-exposure shots, as a little shake will result in unwanted blur. Paired with a tripod, you’ll get shake-free shots! The Cable Release also comes in handy for taking self-portraits, and at 10m (33 ft), you won’t have to miss another group picture again!

Do you want one? Go to the Shop or check out the Photos section for the Cable Release gallery!

written by shhquiet on 2009-05-16 #news #cable-release #nighttime #self-portraits #long-exposure

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