Dwayne's Photolab: A Mini Documentary about the Last Kodakchrome Processing Lab


Here’s something I ran into a while ago. Photography website PetaPixel recently featured a mini documentary about the closing of the last photo lab that processes Kodachrome films. Video after the jump…

Photo via startstudioarts.si.edu

Kodachrome is a type of or color reversal film or slide film. It was first made by Eastman Kodak back in 1935 and was the first commercially successful color film famous for it crisp, sharp colors. In the ’80s and ’90s, the use of slide film declined and over the years, Kodachrome products slowly and gradually met their end, it progressively discontinued its product range through the ’90s and 2000s due to competition from other films and of course, the introduction of digital photography.

Because of this, many Kodak processing laboratories also closed down because of the decrease in business. This contributed more to Kodachrome’s demise. And towards its final years, Kodak subcontracted and fully endorsed the processing of 35 mm films to an independent processing lab in Kansas called Dwayne’s Photo, which was the world’s last photo lab that processed Kodachrome films before ending it in 2010. Here’s the video posted on PetaPixel. The documentary was shot by Xander Robin, featured in the video is Grant Steinle who also explains the Kodachrome and the processing procedure it undergoes.

It’s sad to see something beautiful go. We don’t want Kodachrome’s demise to happen to another one of our beloved film family members. All of us here are responsible in keeping film and it’s essence alive. Long live film and Lomo on!

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    Awesome short. And they goto FSU; Small world.

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