Sling-On Bag: Black Companion

The Sling-On Bag is a nice and useful bag for all you needs during the day, and will suit everything you wear. The bag is made of nylon, that´s why it’s very practical and will protect your stuff perfectly. No need to worry about where to store your stuff or heavy rain.

I’m not gonna write down only pure facts. I will write a story of my new Lomography Sling-On Bag, which made me realize about writing some requests on Lomography products.

How come that I possess this lovely bag? Well, quite easily. My friend, which mentioned also the opportunity to write for this site, gave me a Christmas present: the great, useful, funny, and matching nylon black bag. I was so happy, because I can put everything I need in, but also because my poor old shaby bag “passed away,” so the timing was great.

The bag is divided into 3 compartments, whereas the one in the middle is zipped. The inner side is covered in colorful design lining. You can wear your bag both on shoulder or you can use the shorter straps and wear it in hand. The shape is rectangular, and the size is the same as 15" notebook. Well, seriously, I didn´t try to put mine in, but I’m about to.

The best thing, that you could choose from different colours: black, yellow, blue, and gray. Actually, I saw a picture, which shows that you can even swim with the bag. Don’t believe it? Check the picture:

Finally, one more thing. I wonder whether if you will love the box or not. I hope you will, because I still don´t know what it will serve for.

The Sling-On Bag is perfect for Lomographers on-the-go. This lightweight nylon bag has enough space any laptop computer up to 15" as well as a bevy of Lomographic goodies and film. Its adjustable shoulder strap and double-sided handles means it’s always ready to dash off at a moment’s notice! Available in yellow, grey, blue, and black.

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