Springtime: Jeroen Eisinga's Bee Bearding

Jeroen Eisinga is a self-styled daredevil in terms of bee bearding. His latest stunt features himself being covered by hundreds thousands of bees — filmed in 35mm. Read more about this classic-in-the-making film after the stop.

Photo via www.stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl

Springtime is Jeroen Eisinga’s most recent performance with himself as the protagonist. In this claustrophobic video shot in Ireland and entirely in black and white 35mm film, the artist is seen sitting still at a table covered with a slowly growing swarm of 150,000 bees.

“Springtime is a variant of the ordeal called bee bearding that takes place incidentally among beekeepers when they allow themselves to be covered by their own honeybees.”

The full and official footage is not yet found online but here’s a video clip of Eisinga’s breathtaking stunt. Note: the bee action starts in 06:58 and the video is in Dutch.

Jeroen Eisinga’s Springtime is on an ongoing exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in Netherlands from October 16th 2011 until February 26th 2012.

Images and information in this article were taken from www.stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl.

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