Long Exposure Workshop

We got a group of Lomographers together in a dark room and you’ll never guess what happened! We managed to take some really great long exposures shots. Take a look at what we accomplished at our Long Exposures workshop last week!

It was a chilly January night, perfect for learning about long exposures. Four of us in total, we sat down and chatted about all of the awesomeness that can happen when you manipulate light and time!

Then it was time to put what we had learned to use. We did light painting, ghost images, and some multiple exposures. We played with flashlights, gels, and took advantage of the overhead lights to make some super creative images! After learning the ropes, everyone went of and explored the neighborhood armed with their new found knowledge of long exposures!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC
41 West 8th Street NYC 10011


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