An Unexpected Gift

Incidents happen everyday, good or bad. What happened to me on the last day of 2011 is so amazing! It truly made my day! Read on to find out what made me so excited.

The day was 31 December 2011 and it was 9 in the morning, and as usual I was alone on my IKEA sofa while other people were busy planning and preparing to make the day another unforgettable night. It’s been a while since I celebrated New Year’s Eve because for me, New Year’s Eve is just another day. It’s really not like the last day of the year contributes any special meaning to me. I guess, people gave the day a meaning so that they can have a reason to party all night long. For businessmen, the occasion is spent as another gimmick to get more profit through special promotions and packages. But this is not the story I want to tell.

While I was busy daydreaming on my IKEA sofa, there was a sudden knock on my door. It was a postman, sending a package to me. He told me that it was from Russia. I was really surprised and curious at the same time, thinking about the mysterious sender from Russia who sent me this package on New Year’s Eve. Oh f***, it was a Lubitel 166 Olympic version! It was way too awesome!

I found out that it is meant to be my birthday present, from a friend and it was scheduled to reach around February. However, due to some unexpected circumstances, it reached me two months early! Unbelievable! I have always dreamed of owning a Lubitel 166 as I love classy stuff.

The gift and the incident have made the last day of this year so special and meaningful to me. I realized that, it is never the day that is special, but it is the people around us that make that special day an unforgettable one. Thank you Elze.

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