Bread Buns and Seasame Braille


South African fast food chain ‘Wimpy’ has come up with a series of ‘braille burgers’ – the braille embossed using the sesame seeds you’d usually find on bun tops. Though an ad campaign for the chain, three institutions for the seeing impaired benefited as the special burgers were showcased at these locations to spread awareness.

This commercial, showing the reaction of 15 blind participants to the burgers with promotional messages such as “100% Pure Beef Burger Made For You”, has had much positive reception after going viral last November and recently becoming a top trend on Twitter. The restaurant itself offers menus in braille and sets the bar for other fast food chains, restaurants, all those in the service industry, and all in general, to be inclusive.

This bite-sized, tangible, message, served on a platter of french fries, contains a much larger, more important, message which has successfully and carefully been spread to all corners of the globe, out of the central location in which it’s centered, in South Africa.

The initiative’s creative director is Wes Phelan, who has also done other advertisements in the name of spreading awareness to issues such as women abuse.

written by soundfoodaround on 2012-01-14 #news #videos #fast-food #blind #campaign #buns #braille #sesame #innovative

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  1. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    Wonderful! Just simply wonderful :)

  2. nattykins
    nattykins ·

    More high profile chains should be doing stuff like this. Well done Wimpy!!

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