Pinhole: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

Two pinholers swap film to create a series of double exposures from Seattle and Nashville in the U.S. See the photos and learn more about the story after the break.

Credits: pollard71

This is a series of pinhole double exposures between me and JSod, another pinholer I found on through Flickr. Each of us shot a roll of film and mailed it to the other without disclosing what we photographed. Two visions one result, Seattle via Nashville and vice-versa.

While we shot at the same aspect (6×6), I noticed when scanning in the film that the images did not line up. It appears that J’s camera creates a very clear, and thick, line between images. My camera (Zero Image 69) bleeds the edges. But the images still should have lined up better. I wonder if it has something to do with re-rolling the film. Perhaps when re-rolled the film expands (or contracts) in some way.

The film I sent to J.Sod was shot at 6×9 on Ilford Pan F+. His camera shoots 6×6 exclusively (I can adjust mine to shoot several different sizes). I hoped to get some interesting overlap but I don’t think it worked quite as planned.

All images: f235 and f138, Fujichrome Velvia 50, double exposures, varied times, cross processed, scanned as a positive and inverted in PS

It appears the Velvia did a much better job handling the multiple exposures. While I had to do some adjustment in Photoshop for contrast and exposure, the negetives looked well balanced. I don’t think the Ilford Pan F+ (my favorite B&W film) did as well…I suspect it’s super-high contrast and massive reciprocity failure rate affects doubles. The film I’m sending Pinhole Nico next week is Kodak Portra. I’ll be interested to see how it fairs.

All of this is a learning experiences. It falls squarely in my pinhole mantra of “try, fail, try, fail, try…until hopefully I succeed.” I love the iterative process.

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