Kuala Lumpur: Unlikely City for Buns and Pastries

Like most capital cities of the world, KL has an abundance of food places but of all the food that I’ve eaten there on my last trip, pastries surprisingly took the cake.

Credits: izadrazi

On a weekend in December 2011, a group of my lomobuddies took a trip up north to Kuala Lumpur (KL) with a simple agenda on our minds and bellies – to eat and do nothing else. We were fortunate enough to have a Malaysian host (who happen to run a lomo shop in KL) to bring us around, and help us discover places that we probably would not have visited otherwise. Quite unexpectedly, and much to our delight, the bakeries in KL won us over.

Credits: izadrazi

Situated within an upscale mall called “KL Pavilion”, The Loaf welcomed us into its charming environs with wafts of freshly baked goods and a promise to not disappoint. And disappoint, it definitely did not. Our favourites from this lovely bakery that serves buns and pastries straight from the oven include Choco Petite (a thin crater pastry with chocolate filling in the middle), croque monsieur (oh so French), and the best one IMO, Cranberry Cheese (soft bun made of…well, cranberry and cheese). Tip: Disregard the luxury brand stores nearby and hang out at The Loaf!

Credits: izadrazi

Next up, we were brought to Levain Boulangerie Patisserie, another bakery/restaurant that was slightly away from the city centre. Upon handing over the car keys to the valet (I know, so posh!), we entered the two-storey cottagehouse bakery and were greeted with fully stocked shelves of buns, croissants, cakes, cookies, macaroons, pralines, and chocolates! Tip: Try everything!

The Loaf

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