Artist Soaking in Tub in Unusual Places


Bizarre, no? Ingenious, yes! Japanese artist, Mariko Sakaguchi, has done a series of entertaining mise-en-scène, in a sense, photographs that convey both cultural and social elements, and can also be viewed as an ‘I spy’ image, with so many objects for your viewing pleasure!

Images via Booooooom

What’s great is the surreal placing of herself in, otherwise, private scenes. Take for instance the cubicle sized room where a typical Japanese family is having dinner. When you see, the almost blended in, traditional soaking tub that Mariko is sitting in, observing the undisturbed scene, you feel as though you, and not Mariko, are the voyeur!

Owing to the fact that the bathroom is one of the most private spaces we as a society have configured, the artist’s placement of her self it other private/semi-private spaces becomes acceptable. She tells stories of the everyday, the mundane – with arms propped on tables, chins resting on hands, faces looking down at work, or hospitalized love ones, we can imagine her own day-to-day encounters and experiences involving some, or all of the above scenes.

For more of the artist’s works, visit her website.

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    Very creative take...

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