How to Make Colorsplashed LomoKino Movies


Just with color gel filters and same tape, we can get our very own colorsplashed LomoKino movies! Read more on how I did it after the jump.

Hey fellow lomographer, have you ever desired to shoot some colorspalshed movies with your LomoKino? Maybe add some special effects like a purple sky or a green face at your starring hero like Hulk? Yes, you can, With some color gel filter and tape!

First put some tape above and under the lens of our LomoKino. I used some double-sided tape to facilitate the change of the gel filter during the shooting to have a different color at every scene I shot.

Now, the only thing to do is turn the crank! In this movie I used yellow, green, purple and blu gel filter.

What are you waiting for? Go out and shoot your psychedelic and kaleidoscopic masterpiece with your LomoKino and some color gel filter in your pocket!

Here’s the video:

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    great idea

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