Making a LomoKino Video on Ubuntu


To edit a video made with LomoKino, we have seen that it is not difficult for owners of Windows or Apple computers. But what about for those who don’t have one or the other? Friends of Ubuntu, this little guide is for you (the software is in Italian I hope that the information is correct for their menus in English).

(I do not have lomokino for now) + (I always like to do video editing) + (I happily converted to ubuntu). Making one plus one plus one was not hard … So with the support of goonies , who has kindly made available his material, I dabbled in various programs to try to figure out how to make a movie-lomokino fluency and unpretentious. The free software that ubuntu offers are many, and I tried someone, you go from semi-professional cinelerra (not for performance, but the complexity of use is compared to Premiere and FinalCut), the banal Videoporama (an elementary program beyond way that creates photo slideshows simple – just choose the length and cancel transitions that you’re done!). My choice fell on kdenlive.

As you can see the screen is divided in two: the upper part in which they work side by side windows and the bottom of the timeline. Let’s click on add and import all the clips we’ve just scanned images. Well the select all right we access the context menu, select “clip properties” and reduce the duration by 5 seconds by default (a bit too much for each frame is not it?) At 0 seconds and 15 frames (value for me approximately ideal.)

After confirmation, we select our entire image sequence and with the left mouse button and drag on the timeline

The game is done. You have fun by adding titles or tail (from the menu, and then try Add Project title), various fades and so on and so forth. Is the last step: export, the menus are very complete and accurate

You can choose the export format from the list, but if you click on “Export File” you can choose between different modes of export preset (from youtube – do not recommend it for very poor quality – to mobile devices, web, etc..). From experience, I simply selected the export mp4 or flash light and you will get a final file of good quality!

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    thanks for this! im using ubuntu!

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