Culture of Singapore LomoKino Movie Prize Awarding Ceremony


This Lomokino Project of Singapore was organized by ThirtySix and supported by Lomography. The Prize Awarding Ceremony witnessed the moments of glory! Popcorn and frizzy drinks were served while watching how they direct, act, and come up with interesting ideas to showcase these cultures of Singapore.

Combining both of our Singaporean habits and our need to capture virtually everything on camera, ThirtySix along with Lomography initiated a LomoKino project in Singapore. The objective? To film a short video clip, using our beloved LomoKino, displaying our Singaporean culture at it’s very best. We shopped, we ate, and we ‘choped’ tables using tissue paper packets. But who emerged champion at show-casing our unique Singaporean culture?

Before any winners were declared or prizes awarded, we huddled up in the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore, with our buttered popcorn and sodas, and watched a screening of all the videos from all our participants. We laughed and cried (but we mostly laughed) as we watched our Singaporean ways at their very best.

Photo credits: hakimbo05

Then the moment we were all waiting for came: the prize ceremony (another inidication of our Singaporean mindset)!

Photo credits: hakimbo05

The team “The Rejects” emerged as the Singaporean-est of them all. And what a better prize to be awarded than their very own LomoKino? But, essentially, everyone was winners in their own way. We learnt more about ourselves, we learnt more about Lomography, we got to know the Lomokino. Isn’t this a prize in itself?

We hope you had as much fun participating and shooting as we did! And what were the winners going to do with their brand-new, squeaky-clean LomoKino cameras? One thing is for sure, no one is going to use this baby to ‘chope’ and seats at a hawker center!

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