Make Yourself a Splitzer


Make your own Splitzer! All you need is black electrical tape, a creative imagination and you’re all set! Learn how I created my splitzer after the break.

First, get yourself some black electrical tape (it can be found cheaply at any hardware store). With the black tape, cover half of the lens of your camera (or whatever part of the lens you want) and leave the other half clear. Make sure that you do the same to the viewfinder as so you know what images your working with.

Now, you can leave the tape in the same place and shoot your entire roll. Make sure to be careful when winding back the film (listen for the film jump out of it’s fixing). Reload the film and remove the black tape from the lens and viewfinder. Place more tape over the opposite part of the lens and viewfinder and reshoot for some adventitious shots.

Another option is to place the tape over the part of the lens and viewfinder desired, and take the shot. Now remove the tape and replace over the opposite side of the lens, slide the ‘mx’ button and shoot the other part of the frame. This option will allow you more creative control over your shots, as you can change the angle of the tape for each shot and you can merge together the current shots taken. You also won’t have to rewind the film and don’t have to shoot the entire roll using this technique!

Make Yourself: Splitzer images

For the best results in the daytime use the ISO above that of your film (so for an ISO 100 film use the 200 setting) or during dark conditions use two ISO settings above that of your film. You can also merge dark and light shots by following the same guide.

Make Yourself: Splitzer images

This idea was modified from guderian_74 as seen in the LOMO LC-A book.

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