Rob Simons and his LC-A San Francisco

Photographer/writer Rob Simons has collaborated with Werner Herzog, and made him smile, more than once. If that doesn’t indicate his talent, we’re not sure what will! He’s featured in a slew of magazines, including Iconology, which we found a lovely series of urban, photos, shot with the LC-A!

Images via Iconology

This gallery showcases Simons’ photos, taken with the LC-A, of San Francisco between 2006-2011. All the photos on the section on his website, entitled Architectural, feature these vibrant, often cross-processed, and featuring cross-walks, analogue photos.

Images via Flickr

Here are a couple more analogue photos, in a series of Portraits taken in 2006, in which the photographer experiments with cross-processing. As Simons’ states on his website, the model’s red hair is perfection!

Oh, and about the Werner Herzog reference, here’s what Simons recounts of his time working with the director, “He would start off by asking me how I would respond to some hypothetical scenario, say a guy kicking me in the face while I was on the ground, and I would rattle off a series of vulgarities and he would transcribe what I said – all of it just off the top of my head – and the whole time he would be smiling at me in this strange way (he seemed to get a kick out of everything I said).”

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