The Kills: The Last Goodbye

Check out our latest 35mm find, after scavenging through bins of film beside old flatbed machines! It’s called “The Last Goodbye” and is a music video, by Oscar nominated actress, Samantha Morton, of the melancholic song by The Kills.

Launched today, on Nowness, this video, “shot in monochrome on crisp, silvery 35mm,” echoes everything cool about Retro and appeals to those simpler days of times past, with the photo-booth setting, and the beautiful, untainted, voice that is found within the snug passport-photo creating machine. In all actuality, in reference to that last statement, the booth looks huge, with the wide angle, cinematic, framing, and the voluminous hair on Alison Mosshart of the, otherwise upbeat and hard-edged, The Kills!

Here’s the trailer, and to watch the entire video, click on the website link above.

The Kills – The Last Goodbye (Trailer)

Movies Samantha Morton has starred in include: Minority Report, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Synecdoche, New York, and The Messenger. Her directorial debut was in 2009, with a BBC made-for-TV movie.

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