Lego of Your Doubts and Fears: A Marriage Proposal Using Stop Motion Animation with Lego


Love fuels creativity. Expressing your love to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with in a creative way is always a challenging, but rewarding idea. Here’s a marriage proposal done using Lego and a little bit of animation.

Here’s the short story of Walt and Nealy. Atlanta-based filmmaker Walt Thompson proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years, Nealy Dozier, through this video he created using stop-motion animation with Lego pieces. He spent 22 hours shooting each frame. He shot 2,600 photos and spent countless hours editing them. One of the interesting elements here is that it documents the story of the couple from the time they met, to courtship, and then to marriage. He even matched their clothes from the real life events.

Here’s the video:

Another interesting thing you’ve probably noticed after watching the video is that some of the other characters in the video include Luke Skywalker, Storm Troopers, Indiana Jones, and even reverend Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Dozier said yes and the lovers plan to tie the knot on the first quarter of this year.

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    So cute! I can't wait for my boyfriend to propose someday.

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    That took a lot of forethought!

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    Wow! So cool!

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    omg amazing!

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