Włodzimierz Puchalski and the Photo-Safari


A Photo-safari, or ‘bloodless hunt’, is when the object used to shoot and capture animals is a camera. This concept was invented by photographer Włodzimierz Puchalski and has risen in popularity as can been seen today, with countless photography field trips and tours organized.

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Safari’s aren’t just big-game hunts on which photographs so happen to be taken, as an afterthought, but are, nowadays, often specially planned out events for photographers to challenge themselves in collecting stunning images of wildlife in the vast, barren landscape, surroundings.

Włodzimierz Puchalski. Images via wiadomosci24.pl and Gala.pl

This genre of photography, or genre of safari, was created by Polish photographer/director Włodzimierz Puchalski. Equipped with film, as ammunition, and a still photo camera, as the device to load and shoot with, Puchalski set up his equipment as a professional game hunter would, ankle deep in swamp water, and hidden in tall grass.

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