Cafe Black Poodle: Definitely a Must-visit Cafe in Tallinn, Estonia

Lacking of sweet and cozy cafes in your town? Well, if you happen to visit Estonia, your problem will probably be solved!

Cafe Black Poodle (whose actual name in Estonian is Must Puudel) is a wonderful cafe and a place to feel relaxed and happy in Tallinn, Old Town.

It is my favourite eating place in Tallinn because of it’s infinite positive sides. It looks very cute and most of the furniture and decorations are vintage. The Soviet-Russian appearance makes it a very colourful and lovely place to go to with your sweet Lomo! This place is almost like a piece of art – it has a wide garden with a huge amount of all kinds of different plants, awesome furniture, and colourful floral tablecloth.

The menu is also absolutely superb – it has lots of different food for any kinds of taste and at very friendly prizes. Whether you prefer a tomate-basilic purée soup or just want to rest your legs and have a quick cafe with peanut butter ice cream – you are always welcome to Black Poodle!

written by eden0101 on 2012-01-19 #places #vintage #cafe #old-town #location #floral #colourful #lomo #tallinn #estonia #food-and-drink

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