Dragon Playing in the Playground

Getting yourselves on the swing, running around with your friends playing catch (a game wherein someone ends up being tagged as “it” and chases the other players around), sinking your feet into the grains of sand and playing on the seesaw. Does this remind you guys of somewhere? Yes, it is an old kind of playground with a sandpit base. Today, I will introduce you guys to a unique playground with the design of a dragon which is located in Toa Payoh.

This dragon playground is located at Block 28, Toa Payoh Lor 6 and it was the most famous playground during the late 70s among the kids. It was created by a designer named Khor Ean Ghee who got his inspiration from the oriental dragon of the Chinese community in Singapore. Both the head and the tail of the dragon are made of concrete while the body was made using metal rails. Usually it will be packed with kids during the afternoon and evening time when they just ended school and for the whole day during school/public holidays and weekends. Laughter will be heard from the playground and kids will be seen running around.

In 1993, such a playground with a sandpit was phased out due to safety purposes and so most of the playgrounds were replaced with rubber mats including the new ones. This dragon playground is believed to be one of the very few playgrounds with a sandpit. If you want to reminisce some of your fondest childhood memories, this is the place to go to and at the same time, a great place for taking photos.

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