What's that Statue in New York Called?

I have been driving past this particular wall for sometime and every time I drove past I would forget the golden rule of Lomo which is to take your camera everywhere. I would forget then want to kick myself as I would see some great grafitti which would be great to document. When looking back at these photos of the art work of the Statue of Liberty it reminded me of a funny story when I was teaching.

These pictures were taken on a Tuesday in Taichung City when I had a free day from work teaching Taiwanese children English as a second language. I was teaching my class one day and the subject of the class was holiday destinations, and cool places to go and visit, tourist attractions, and great things to see in that particular place. We started by talking about Taiwan and what people in Taiwan or tourists could go and see, after dismissing the local answers like, my house, my school, we got on to more serious matters like the famous night markets in Taiwan, Taipei 101 and some of the amazing mountains that Taiwan has been blessed with, all great answers.

We then started talking about others places around the world, that they may have seen on TV that they would like to go and visit, as an Englishman I was pushing for England and London, Big Ben and the London Eye it was falling on deaf ears. There were some shouts of “I want to go to America!”. Okay, I said which places in America have you seen? “New York” Cool yes, “concrete jungle will make you fill brand new” “Yes it will” I replied. I asked them which places they would like to go to in New York, had they seen anything which had interested them? “Yankees teacher” I knew this would probably be one of the answers as Taiwan loves MLB. I asked if there was anything else they would like to see other than Baseball. And this is where they were trying to find the words, “The big lady teacher”, “Okay, do we know what that is?” “Yes teacher, yes”, “The tall lady”, “No, she’s not called the tall lady”, they were getting very agitated as they knew exactly what they wanted to say, and they could picture it in their heads and this one particular boy was thinking so hard, you could see the clogs going round and round and he wanted to be the first student to get it right. The students are always in competition with each other to try and outdo one another, and with this in mind the boy blurted out, "THE LADY WITH THE ICE CREAM!!! his enthusiasm got the better of him, when I and the rest of the class had stopped laughing, I had to tell them the name which is The Statue of Liberty.

When taking these photos, it reminded me of this story and how much I love my life in Taiwan.

written by chappelow on 2012-01-31 #lifestyle #grafitti #street-art-wall-art-statue-of-liberty-wall-sidewalk-pavement

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