Gilbert Legrand's Le Grand Show des Petites Choses

French artist Gilbert Legrand is currently exhibiting a series of very lovable sculptures at St. James Centre for Creativity in Valletta, Malta. Find out what makes them so interesting after the jump.

Photo via Gilbert Legrand

The title of the exhibition is Le Grand Show des Petites Choses and an apter title surely could not have been found. It hit the nail right on the head. Excuse me, but that is a pun. As nails and hammers are actually on exhibit.

Nails, hammers, combs, whisks, coat hangers, brushes, spanners and a variety of very mundane objects are transformed after coming into contact with Le Grand. He paints them, trims them and instils them with a sense of humour.

Photos via Gilbert Legrand

The sculptures are clever. They will make you smile and go: “Oh it’s true! That brush does look like a boy! How could I not have seen it before.”

There’s plenty of them and you’re bound to find a favourite. If you ask me, your hands will be simply itching to reach out for one, slip into your bag to take it home to make friends with. Of course in my head once home the sculpture comes to life and starts speaking and jumping around. But that’s just me. I think I watched way too many cartoons when I was younger and I never really grew out of the phase.

Perhaps Le Grand is the same.

Find out more about him at Gilbert Legrand.

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