Chamba : Summer Of Dreams

I’ve always wanted a home in the mountains. After quite a lot of convincing, we finally went out to see a place wherein we might like to build one.

Ever since I’ve read Ruskin Bond, I’ve dreamed of having a artist’s studio and a home in the mountains. Away from the noise and the chaos of the city, towards the small towns without distractions.

My first choice was Kasauli, up in Himachal Pradesh but the costs there are too high and there are a few other issues too (regarding land rights blah!). So my parents found this small place named “Chamba” in Uttrakhand.

Not far from New Delhi, only about 250 Kms, Chamba is a beautiful place tucked away in the mountains. Be warned, it’s not easy to go there, the road is TERRIBLE. I know, it’s not really a good point to discuss what is wrong about a place, but that was just a warning. There is only a single road, which leads up about 50% of the way. And it’s not only single lane, it’s also broken. So a drive which was to take about 4 hours, takes 7 hours. And if that wasn’t enough, the traffic is slow and there are no highways or flyovers. So add about 2 more hours. A good 9 hours drive in total.

So you’ve made the journey through hell and you’ll eventually reach heaven. Heavily forested, green, and sparsely populated, Chamba is a sweet little town. I wouldn’t compare it to places up north like in Himachal or Kashmir but it’s quite good in its own way.

The place where we stayed was owned by my dad’s friend. And there was an empty strip of land right behind it for sale. Every evening, I would wander about with my Diana Mini and shoot a whole roll of just what I saw. I feel in comparison to my DSLRs and my Zorkis, the Mini comes closest to that magical feeling which the sunlight brings to the forest behind the house.

Oh yes, no matter how beautiful, because of the road, we decided not to buy a place there. Sad, but the search goes on for a new summer home.

The Diana Mini is the ultra-compact, petite version of the Diana F+. This camera takes soft-focused, lo-fi images in 35mm and allows you to change between half-format and square shots with a flick of a switch. Get your own Diana Mini now!

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