Ray Morimura: Geometry on Woodblock Prints

Japanese artist Ray Morimura, started out as a painter but shifted to woodblock printing after a while. His artistic technique of including geometric patterns on his work makes his woodblock prints one-of-a-kind. Learn more after the break.

Image via My Modern Met

Japanese artist Ray Morimura was born in Tokyo and started his career as a painter. Later on, he decided to change his medium to woodblock printing, a printing technique that is widely used all over East Asia. When he was still painting, a lot of his works consisted of geometric designs and abstract elements. After shifting to woodblock printing, he still retained his artistic style and used geometric shapes to come up with the images on his prints.

Majority of Ray Morimura’s woodblock prints consist of Japanese landscapes, a subject that is common among Japanese art. When seeing his work up close, you may notice that the mountains, trees and lands are made up of rectangles or long lines. Triangles and conical shapes are also evident. There is also a common theme when it comes to the colors that he chooses to use for the prints.

Here are a few examples of his work:

Images via My Modern Met

Ray Morimura is a reputable print artist in Japan and has held numerous exhibitions. He has participated over 20 times at the annual College Women’s Association of Japan Print Show and presently teaches art at the Tokyo Zokei University and the Nihon Kogakuin School.

Information used for this article was taken from Artelino and My Modern Met.

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