Naoto Hattori: Surrealist Paintings

At first glance, one would think that Naoto Hattori’s paintings were created digitally. When inspected up close, you can see that his work is actually created with acrylic paint. Learn more after the break.

Image via Ego Alterego

*Naoto Hattori* is a Japanese artist who studied graphic design and illustration. He graduated in Tokyo and then moved to New York to pursue further studies in the arts. Since then, he has won numerous recognitions and awards from international art contests, and his work has also appeared in various publications.

Naoto Hattori has a distinct style that is evident in his works. Most, if not all of his paintings have a surreal element to them. There are floating heads, 3-eyed creatures, structures on clouds and other visuals that you would only see in your dreams. Drawing and doodling has been a past time since he was three years old and as he got older, he doodled on his school books. Inspiration has never been hard to come across. Naoto Hattori draws and paints what he likes, not thinking about what other people would say about his work.

Art has been a big part of the artist’s life. On weekdays, Naoto Hattori would spend painting for 12 hours a day, and sometimes even a whole day straight if he’s not as tired. Weekends are spent doing leisurely activities. With the amount of ideas that constantly enter his head, it’s amazing how he is able to draw them all out through his paintings.

Here are some samples of his surrealist paintings:

Images via Power of H, Super Punch, Empty Kingdom, Daily Art Fix, SF Weekly, Think Space Gallery and Wicked Halo

Information for this article was taken from Bein Art and wwwcomcom.

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