Saint Ink Studio: Best Place to Find Art


Saint Ink Studio is the perfect place in my city to find art. Whether it’s tattoos, film photography or any other analogue habits, you’ll find it here.

Located on Doamnei St. in Bucharest, the Saint Ink Studio hosts all sorts of cultural events, galleries, and anything related to art. It’s a building about urban culture. Here is where all sorts of events – from tattoo expos, photography galleries, and even “A Lomographic Experience” workshop (hosted on 6th of December last year) are held.

This month, Saint Ink Studio will also host a one-of-a-kind gallery with all sorts of pictures taken with Lomography cameras at a later workshop.

Best thing about it: you’ll find lomographic equipment, films, and books. So, if you’re around the area do give it a try. You won’t regret it.

written by pvalyk on 2012-01-18 #places #art #film #35mm #studio #photography #location #saint #lomography #bucharest #ink #art-and-culture

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    Well done article :D

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