2011: Milestone Birthdays with a Milestone Trip Across the Pond

Eighteen, twenty-one, and fifty, the three milestone ages that were hit in 2011 by our family (my little brother, me, and our mother). Me and my mother ended up going on a trip to New York to celebrate.

2011 was a milestone year for us, we had three major birthdays all within 6 months. To celebrate, a trip to New York was planned in late 2010. My little brother and father dear were invited but they declined and left me and my mother to explore the city that never sleeps, oh, and shop!

So in early April, we set off for our little adventure across the pond, after a bumpy 9-hour flight from Manchester, we landed safely in JFK. Ahead of us was a daunting immigration queue, but after another three hours moving forward so slowly, we passed the desk and we were officially in New York. By the time we got to our hotel at Madison Avenue, we hit our bed and slept solidly for 12 hours.

The next morning, up and ready to go by 10am I may add, I dragged my mother out of bed and down a few blocks (maybe getting lost a couple of times along the way) to the Lomography Gallery Store Gramercy. I picked up a Fisheye 2 with three rolls of film and began happily snapping away. What I didn’t buy however was a battery for the flash. D’oh!

That’s me and my mother outside Grand Central Station later that day, I was so happy I bought the Fisheye 2 as I realized I didn’t have a memory card in my digital camera…see you never forget to put film in a film camera! I have never been so excited to go into a train station all my life, all I could think of were the films I’d seen and the pictures I spied online before the trip. I was in my own little world and well, was rather happy.

As soon as we entered, it lived up to my expectations, the grand ceilings, the hustle and bustle, it was just magical. I really would recommend anyone spending at least an hour wandering around the station and all the quaint shops.

Union Square Park was one of our regular haunts during the day, we met stall holders selling all kinds of art and handmade goods. I wish we had more of these kinds of events here in the UK regularly. We also met a busker with huge hair and a film crew. The highlight of the day was being asked how to spell dollar for his sign!

I had an amazing four days in New York and would recommend it to anyone who will talk to me about it. We laughed, cried, and created new memories, a proper mother-and-daughter bonding experience.

Just a word of warning though…don’t let your film go through an X-Ray multiple times (this can be in museums as well as airports). I had a couple of incidents when I lost the colour and ended up with poor contrast on the images.

But most of all, remember to have a fabulous time in New York and take as many pictures as you can!

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