Spend an Afternoon in Geylang

If you ask a Singaporean about Geylang, most of them will think of delicious local delights like pig organ soup, frog porridge, teochew porridge, beancurd, and many more or if not the food, then the red light district. Actually there is more to Geylang than food and the red light district where you can find many brothels. Let me show you guys some photos before I continue.

Geylang is a neighbourhood in the city state of Singapore east of the Central Area, Singapore’s central business district. Aside from the things I mentioned above which you can find in Geylang, you are able to see old shop houses, uniquely local provision shops (Mama shop), temples, churches, mosques, Chinese association clans, and of course, interesting and lovely people who work or live there. It is also a place where you get to see a lot of foreigners from PRC, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and even Vietnam. They are the brave ones for me as they are willing to leave their own country to earn a living here in Singapore.

Before you decide to visit Geylang, please remember to bring along a towel because you need to walk a lot hahaha!

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