Queenstown Has Old Buildings

Interested in old housing estates? I can introduce you guys to a place where you can find old housing estates. It is Queenstown! Queenstown, which is named after Queen Elizabeth II who had her coronation in 1952; is a housing estate during the early days of Singapore, even before Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio. It is located at the central-western end of Singapore and is only five to eight kilometres from the city.

Just next to the train station, you will be able to see an old abandoned housing estate. It was built during the early 60s and there are still some shops such as an old mama shop (provision shop), coffee shop, and medical shop operating at the ground floor. It is quite an experience to actually shoot in such buildings as you will be able to shoot at old abandoned items such as signboards, wooden chairs, mirrors etc. Taking a lift up, you will get to shoot locked-up gates, doors, and windows.

If you take a walk down for around 10 minutes, you will be at Margaret Drive, another place for old buildings. One well-known building there is the abandoned cinema. It is locked up but I am sure you guys are able to find lots of interesting things to shoot at. There is another old housing estate further down and most of the residents there are the elderly. If you guys wanna visit, please bring along at least a friend with you and enjoy taking pictures together!

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