Old-School Cosplay Photos from the 80s


Los Angeles Science Fiction Society recently posted photos from a science fiction convention in the 80’s. Dik Daniels shot a series of photos of 80’s cosplayers. Let’s take a look at these old-school sci-fi enthusiasts from the olden days.

Photo via Juxtapoz

On their website, LASFS or Los Angeles Science Fiction Society recently shared photos taken from a 1980 Westercon – A science fiction & fantasy convention where geeks, fans, and enthusiast gather to enjoy various themed festivities like screenings, meet & greets and of course, the costume competition. Did you ever wonder how they did it back then? Dik Daniels’ photos show us how rolled in the 80’s.

Photos via Juxtapoz

Cosplaying now is very different from how it was back in the day. It’s much more technical and competitive now. There are even people who have turned it into a career. There are loads of specialty shops now dedicated to costumes and props. Me, I personally enjoy the DiY culture of cosplaying. I have cosplayer friends who are masters of their craft. Sewing their own costumes and building their props from scratch. I’m quite curious as to how they made their costumes in the 80’s. It’s also amazing to see vintage photos like these as it shows us just how the cosplay culture evolved over the years.

You can check out more photos from this series at LASFS.org.

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