My Analogue Bucket List for 2012: LomoKino Ventures


With everybody getting inspired and motivated to pursue all their analogue wishlists and experiments for this year, I thought of sharing my own as well. I got smitten with the LomoKino recently, so this year, I decided to make my analogue bucket list for 2012 one for LomoKino ventures.

Photo from the Lomography Shop

Ever since I got to try shooting with Lomography’s very own movie-making wonder, the LomoKino, I’ve always been thinking of what and where to shoot next. There’s just so many things to capture on (moving) film, and after seeing what fellow lomographers have made so far, I got excited at all the possible scenes and landscapes out there waiting for me and the LomoKino.

As an avid traveler, majority of the things on my to-film list are wanderlust-driven. I’ve got a few trips planned at the first quarter of the year, so I’m hopeful that I will be able to accomplish these goals early!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

LomoKino on the road

In the past, I was actually able to capture some nice photos while on the road. So this year, I’m planning to do something different and use the LomoKino to turn the usual “on the road” snapshots into a mini movie! I’m hoping to create LomoKino movies of long bus rides, countrysides, street scenes, and other interesting tidbits from my travels!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

LomoKino on the beach

The first time I watched this LomoKino movie entitled Ghost on the Beach, I wanted to so badly to create a beach-side LomoKino movie as well. Of course, slide films with blue hues are non-negotiable when we speak of taking Lomography cameras to the beach!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

LomoKino up in the clouds

I am glad I was able to document my first plane ride during my birthday trip last year. I wanted to finish one film roll on the cloud and plane shots alone, but I had to restrain myself since I didn’t have a lot of 35mm films with me then. This year, if I ever get the chance to travel by plane again, I’ll be sure to take the LomoKino with me to create a movie of the exhilarating view!

A frame from The Kino Goes Vertigo

LomoKino at 90°

Shooting a 90° movie like the one shared in this tipster is perhaps the most challenging of all the ventures I’m planning to try with the LomoKino. It’s a simple yet effective way to make a LomoKino movie interesting, but I have a feeling it’s not as simple as just tilting the camera to a vertical position. Well, there’s no other way to find out but to shoot and experiment!

Are you planning to make this year one for shooting with the LomoKino as well? Why don’t you share with us your insights with a comment below!

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  1. andydreads
    andydreads ·

    I like the vertical filming style, I have shot some digital video like that!

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