The Holiday Cookie Cutter Competition Is Still Ongoing!


There’s still time to score yummy Piggies and free Lomography cookie cutters! There are two options: 1) Join the competition that will test your baking and photography skills; 2) Or shop online to get some freebies. Don’t miss the chance to win 50 Piggy Points (for 3 winners) and 15 Piggies (for 50 runners up)!

Photo by: rancliffhasenza

We’re still on the lookout for the most creative photos or movies involving cookies! In case you were busy during the holidays and missed out on this competition, grab your analog cameras and head to the kitchen now. Capture some cookie action; here are some ideas:

  • A LomoKino movie featuring the kneading and molding of dough into perfectly shaped cookies;
  • A Diana Mini Half-frame series showing your kid cousin lining the fresh batch of cookies in a platter or stealing from a cookie jar;
  • A Spinner 360 panoramic image of your kitchen as your friends are busy baking them cookies! Nomnomnom nom nom . .. ..

Be creative – you can use any kind of analog camera, just remember to keep the cookie theme in mind. Have fun!

Join the Holiday Cookie Cutter Competition

What’s in store for you? The top 3 cookie cutter artists will be awarded with a cooking book PLUS a whopping 50 Piggy Points! We’ll also be picking 50 runner-up entries to win 15 Piggies each to spend in the Shop!

As for the busy shoppers, we will be giving away unique cookie-cutters shaped like Lomography Cameras with every Online purchase. Spend below 120 EUR/USD/GBP and you’ll get 1 free cutter; spend over 120 EUR/USD/GBP and you’ll get the entire set of 8 cutters for free! This deal ends on Friday 13th January, so make sure to take advantage of this offer!

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    rancliffhasenza ·

    hahaha ^^ thanks for using my shot :D i just found out :) !!

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