Rebel Youth: Karlheinz Weinberger's Photographs of 50s-60s Swiss Rockabillies


Do you dig the ‘greaser’ look of the 1950s? Well you’ll be amazed by this collection of photographs by the late, photographer Karlheinz Weinberger. Let’s check out the rugged youth fashion of this decade. Pictures after the jump.

Photo via Juxtapoz

Heavily influenced by American rock n’ roll, the Swiss youth take on their own trends, clad in jean jackets with band logos drawn at the back, jeans with zippers replaced with screws or chains with matching giant skull or Elvis belts while fashioning their pompadours. This raw attitude and lifestyle caught the eye of amateur photographer Karlheinz Weinberger. Immortalizing the lives of these young rebels in Zurich.

Photos via Juxtapoz

Weinberger worked in a Siemens-Albis factory warehouse in Zurich most of his life. He taught himself photography and would shoot photos in his free time. He started his career by taking photos for a gay underground magazine. He met a band of teenagers in the 50’s and started photographing them in his home and where they would usually gather to hang out. This quickly transformed into a hobby and not long after that, through his camera, he was documenting the world that these self-named rebels or Halbstark (literally meaning half strong) live in.

Photos via Juxtapoz

His photographs became the subject of two recent NY shows. Here’s their information:

Intimate Stranger
Open until March 26
Swiss Institute de New York
495 Broadway, 3e étage
New York, NY 10012

Halbstarke to Bikers in Color
Open until March 26
Anna Kustera Gallery
520 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011

You can also check Retronaut and American Suburb X for more photos from the series.

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