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Shooting fireworks? Easiest thing in the world! All you need is film, a camera and some fireworks. Read on to find out how to shoot them with a Holga and a Spinner 360!

Fireworks are a great thing to take pictures of. They’re colourful, they are a great subject for practicing long exposures and provide a lot of room for experiments, especially with double exposures!

I’ve had a few chances to shoot fireworks, the first one being with my digital SLR. Of course, the first time, I wanted everything to be perfect: tripod, infrared remote, lowest ISO setting possible to avoid any kind of noise and the result was pretty great: I had clear pictures of the explosions, the colours were all truthfully portrayed, but that’s not what Lomo is about, right?

So the next time I took my Holga:

Credits: xxxanderrr

Sadly, my roll of film ran out after these 4 shots, and when I was done switching film, the whole thing stopped. So how did I take these pictures?

Quite simple really:

  • Holga CFN (with the flash turned off)
  • ISO 100 film (I still wanted to avoid film grain)
  • Bulb setting

That’s it. No tripods or cable releases needed. All you have to do is point your camera to where the rockets are flying to and press the shutter right before the explosions. Since you’re using the bulb setting, keep exposing the fireworks until they fade out. You can then forward the film or make a double using the same technique of pointing and just exposing.

The next try was with the Lomography Spinner 360. Here, I had a whole roll of film just for fireworks. The shooting with the Spinner is a bit trickier, since you don’t have a shutter per sé. However, the above mentioned technique of pointing and continuously exposing works here as well: Point the lens of the Spinner 360 towards where the fireworks are flying to, keep the lens part steady and just rotate the handle. Do this slow and you get very bright images, do it fast and you get a bit darker ones but longer frames obviously.

I used Lomo 400 CN film for this. This leaves room for experiment: overexposed, underexposed, long panoramic or short abrupt pictures. The only thing you don’t get with the Spinner 360 is multiple exposures, unless you decide to run the roll of film again.

See, it’s easy! Camera shake isn’t an issue, you don’t need any flash, and you can use any film. Just try it!

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    nice! the 360 shots are crazy!

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Spinner fireworks pictures? Coooooool! :)

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