Lomokino First Impressions: Watergun

We sent the Lomokino over to the guys in Watergun, a creative studio that specializes in audiovisual media. Do you wanna know what they thought about having this analogue beauty in their hands?

Watergun Logo.

Watergun is a creative studio specialized in exploring audiovisual arts. From music videos to films, commercials and audiovisual explorations… Watergun works having only one goal in mind: to make awesome videos of which they can be proud of. Who better to try Lomokino?
We still cannot watch what their creative minds have been preparing, but we can find out what are their first impressions of Lomography’s own movie camera.

What where your thoughts when you saw the camera for the first time?

First we thought “What a beauty! Where gonna have fun!”, and then we where amazed with its small details, how light it is and then we tried to figure out how to load some film. This is the thing with analogue cameras.

Tilman Zens, Watergun’s collaborator said: “this device is REALLY analogue”, to which we replied: “Lomography people are all about analogue” :)

Two of Watergun team members.

A 35mm analogue film, 144 frames per film, without sound recording… was this a challenge?

In all honesty we decided to face all those limitations as a wonderful opportunity, rather than a challenge. The website is great and the only challenge is to take full advantage a camera which has been fully tested and explained to us before hand.

Rafa Pavón took this camera to London, where he wants to shoot images influenced by all those Super 8 movies we love here at Watergun… In Madrid, we went out to several of the most emblematic tapas bars in town, the same where our grandparents used to hang out. There’s no real need for the audio to explain certain sensations.

Shots taken of the Watergun crew with LomoKino.

What do you expect to achieve with the Lomokino that you wouldn’t be able to get with other movie cameras?

Precisely that. Modern cameras allow us to capture any moment of our lives (unique moments, we are lucky to capture) with a new, more modern look. But the 70s/80s images and feel is truly what’s unique to this camera.

What we’ve always loved about Lomography is the great quality of analogue images combined with the small charming imperfections.

Can you tell us a bit about what you are planning to do with the Lomokino, or is that still a secret?

We are still testing. We will process the first films now and think of new ways to work with the camera, playing around with the frame speed per second and creating fast and/or slow films.

Tilman and I (Lucas de la Rua) want to explore the ‘stop trick’ and ‘pixilation’ with Lomokino. How can we trick the eye of the viewer? How can we capture the humor and the magic of Lomokino, with an amazing visual illusion?

As I told you, we have loads of ideas… we’ve talked about games, buses, bicycles and swings. Shooting with Lomokino has certainly been a lot of fun. Here is a picture of the camera car Tilman has prepared with the Madrid Watergun team and soon we will start learning from the London’s footage.

Camera Car, prepared by Tilman with the help of Madrid Watergun team.

We are looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. I’m sure you will surprise us all, Thank you so much, and I hope you keep having fun and enjoying shooting the analogue way.

That’s for sure! We want more! :)

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translated by anafaro

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