Ode to the Joy of Books

Imagine this was part of a grand symphony known as a the ‘bookth’ movement, because of the moving, dancing, books! This delightful, magical, stop motion video shows an entire bookstore in Toronto, Canada, being organized, by two, very talented, bookmaker’s elves!

The bookmakers elves are in fact Canadians Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp. They are just ordinary people, who had the brilliant idea, last year, to reorganize their bookshelf at home while documenting it using the stop motion filming technique (see video below).

Their desire to organize books and film, while at it, grew and they were compelled to take-on another challenge, another bookshelf…actually, another ‘few’ bookshelves as you can see in the colorful, animated, video above!

We thank the duo for giving books, and stationery, lives of their own and for entertaining the idea that things “come to life after dark”! And, this might have been obvious, but who would have thought books read books!

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