Carola Crane

Constructed in 1957, Carola Crane is an emblem of the town of Bilbao (Spain). It is the 30 tons and 60 meters high (in vibrant red) make up of this industrial component that make it a delight for Lomographers.

Carola Crane was built in Bilbao in 1957 and is now the subject of photographers and a popular meeting place, but at that time it was the most powerful crane in the state. It was made in the workshops of Erandio (very close to Bilbao). It is currently situated next to the Maritime Museum, near the river and the Euskalduna Conference Center.

Credits: drame

Legend says that this crane was given a woman’s name because a beautiful lady came everyday to bring lunch to the men who worked there, crossing the Nervión River in a boat. It was such a delight to see this beautiful girl that workers stopped production, climbed the crane, and watched her. This woman was named Carola and “Carola” ended up being the name of this elegant red crane.

Credits: drame

In this video you can see the legend of the Carola Crane.

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