Pandre's Shopping Guide

Welcome to this week’s Shopping Guide featuring our Russian deadstock beauties along with film film film!

Welcome to Pandre’s shopping guide for the second week of May:

Russian Items

Heavy metal, plastic beauty or bakelite beast; point ‘n’ shoot, rangefinder, TLR or SLR; we carry them all. From Fed 1 to Zorki 4, if you are searching for a a russian camera to spice up your Lomographic life look no further!

Check out our complete Russian line up!

Smena 8M

A classic LOMO icon. Its 3-element glass Triplet lens yields eye-popping color saturation and contrast. Manual aperture, shutter, and focus settings for total control. And a uncoupled shutter cock and advance, which means dead-easy multiple exposures and super-long exposures. Includes tripod thread and cable release attachment.

Lubitel 1

Produced from 1950-1956, the first in the Lubitel series brought in the earliest wave of medium format photography to common folk in Russia. This exquisite Twin-Lens Reflex camera is sleek from its top-down viewfinder to its stylish Bakelite body.

Fed 2 refurbished

In production for a whopping 15 years between 1955-1970, the Fed 2 stars as one of the most popular, deadstock rangefinders ever. You’ll be digging that hazy lo-fi je n’ai sais quoi thanks to the fast f/2.8 aperture Industrar M26 lens.

Fim Single Rolls

As you might have noticed we completely reworked our film category, now offering you the possiblity to grab single rolls of every film available. For those who say " more film to love" we are offering you savings on our 5 and 10 roll bundles.

120 Color Negative Film

* Visit the Filmshop

120 Color Slide Film

* Visit the Filmshop

120 B&W Film

* Visit the Filmshop

35mm Color Negative Film

35mm Color Slide Film

35mm B&W Film

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