LomoKino Presents: Family X-Mas Trip to South America

For this past X-Mas, this Director, Editor, Cinematographer, and his family ventured away from snowy Canada, into the hot, hot, coastal, South American, cities of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro! With a Lomo Kino in hand, and lots of film, we are proud to present his home video. So soak up the sun by cruising on to the article and watching the video!

blayreellestad has given us the gift of the longest Lomo Kino movie to date!

Family X-Mas trip to South America

The ‘plane-landing’ overture is perfection. The clouds, as seen through the airplane window, in the first few frames, look like the swirls found in thick, heavy, marble, not affected by gravity’s pull. We continue to be amazed, with the clear definition of the city below, and are even more amazed by the genuine documentation of life lived, which we are pretty much able to partake in, through dusty-colored impressionistic visuals.

Smiles on tanned, “sexy faces”, the sand, out-of-their-element Christmas trees, tropical fruits being hacked open for instant refreshment, an anything-but-boring dance night on a cruise liner, beautiful archipelagos, full-scale sandcastles, street art, open toed strolls down an old ‘calle’, and even a hint of Lomography store! This describes what you will, or have already watched.

Please take a look at the movie page on our website for the director’s statement. It is long, but very concise, and functions as a diary, detailing accounts from the family trip, helping fill in the in-between-shots, even through the 7 minutes, captured on film, seems to have accounted for everything!

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