My Dream Date in Vienna


In 2011 I won the "My Dream Date“ competition on The prize was to go to Vienna with my boyfriend. This did not work out again, but we found a very good alternative.

The most popular photo I took in Frankfurt is of a statue carrying the sun.

When my boyfriend and I were planning our trip to Vienna, his Viennese friend said she had no time for us – for the fourth time – leading me to doubt her existence. Somehow I feel I am jinxed not to see the Lomography Headquarters ever. Frustrated that our plans for the week weren’t working out, we thought of an alternative plan – to visit my parents-in-law in the Dutch countryside. I updated my Facebook status and received an invitation.

My friend Nadine moved to Frankfurt three years ago but I haven’t been there. Travelling in Germany is way too expensive, so I asked my boyfriend if he would like to go to Frankfurt with me and he agreed. So after 1/3 of our way to Vienna we got out of the train and landed in Frankfurt am Main. What I had heard about the city was not good at all – it was the most criminal city in Germany involving drugs, crime, the big finance centre …

We arrived at Frankfurt Central Station with a direct connection from Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is a very nice train station actually, big and nice. I took some photos, including one of the selected photos that I took with my Holga.

Credits: mephisto19

We took the tram to go a bit north of the centre where my friend Nadine lives.

Credits: mephisto19

On the first evening we had a very nice dinner together. The second evening we cooked something typical Dutch (the only nice Dutch food I know so far): Stamppot – LEKKER!

My boyfriend and I spent lots of time just in bed reading, sleeping, eating (ja, I do eat in bed and I liked it. I guess I am not the only one) … Or we have been to the city centre to walk, have coffee, cake, sausages and of course to take photos.

We got public transport day tickets which also gave me the opportunity to shoot in the subway.

Credits: mephisto19

The part of Frankfurt where my friend lives in used to be a small village and the city developed around it. You can find different buildings there.

Credits: mephisto19

One afternoon we made it into the Dom. And I had to take a HQME (High Quantity Multiple Exposure). It was so loud, that my boyfriend came walking to tell me to be more quiet … Oops!

Credits: mephisto19

We also went to Schirn Kunsthalle to see the exhibition of Erró – impressive and very Lomoesque! If you ever have the chance to see his work – DO IT!

Credits: mephisto19

One afternoon we spent in the Palm Gardens – a huge park or botanical garden in the city centre.

Credits: mephisto19

One of the strangest photos I took was at the riverside of river Main. We came down a bridge and I saw this man laying there. He really looked dead. I took a photo after asking the others if they think he was alive. They thought so, so it was okay for me.

Credits: mephisto19

Of course we made it to the finance district and saw occupy Frankfurt there.

Credits: mephisto19

On the last day we walked along river Main with very nice weather … So perfect for taking some more photos.

Credits: mephisto19

I also took a HQMPanorama of the only german city with skyline:

Credits: mephisto19

One thing I tried was the Advance Technique with the Holga and not with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator.

Credits: mephisto19

And here some more photos…

Credits: mephisto19

Thanks again, LSI for supporting my love!

Credits: mephisto19

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  1. brommi
    brommi ·

    very nice photos!!

  2. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Sorry to hear that you didnt go to Vienna, but seems like you had a nice trip anyway! :D

  3. liliac
    liliac ·

    beautiful pictures !!!

  4. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    hey, I was once in Frankfurt Central station for 4 hours waiting for a train direct to Amsterdam and it was almost scare, some gangs are running around all the time terrorizing the few people present. and targeting the cabinets where passengers leave their luggage. It was like in the Clockwork Orange! however, very nice reading and great pictures!

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