Sagaki Keita: Doodling Classical Art

It’s hard to imagine how much time Japanese artist Sagaki Keita spends on creating his doodles of Greek sculptures and other works of art. Upon careful inspection, you might notice something different from his work.

Images via Paul Baines, This is Colossal and Oddity Central

At first glance, you might think that *Sagaki Keita* drawings are just sketches of classical art that you would find in a museum. Looking at it from afar, you would already be impressed with the artwork. Look closer and you’ll even be more amazed. This is because there are smaller doodles that make up the entire drawing – Japanese characters, cartoons, creatures and other lines and shapes that you would not normally see in a classical artwork. He only works with his ink pens when creating these masterpieces.

What’s most impressive about Sagaki Keita’s work is that he completely improvises when doing an illustration. The doodles that make up the entire drawing are what come to mind while he is working. When observing his other artworks, you might see that he is someone who is very meticulous about details. There is also a great union between classical and contemporary art in his works. He recreates classical art, such as famous paintings and Greek sculptures with doodles. This is surely a fresh take on the interpretation of classical art.

The photos below show close-up versions of some of his illustrations:

Images via This is Colossal and Oddity Central

Information for this article was taken from This is Colossal and Oddity Central.

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